Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview and articles over on ICN.


I have done an interview for the new site Irish Comic News. It's been set up by Tommie Kelly and it aims to promote Irish Comics. The interview is here.

There are also two articles on the site one for the Wire and Gas Anthology which features some art by Mike Ball and an article with some of Anthony O Neill's sketches for Nestor.

The cover for Issue Three of Ri Ra is also up for people to check out. That's over on Aidan Courtney's blog.

One final thing the scripts for Nestor are finished and I have set up a Nestor Facebook page. I'll be updating it with sketches and art from the comic. We are hoping to have it ready for Halloween. I am also pleased to announce that Kevin Logue will be working on the cover for Issue One and once that's finished I'll post that up here. The rough sketch for the cover is over on the Facebook page.

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