Monday, May 23, 2011

A page for the war comic by Anthony O Neill.

Well here is another page from our War Anthology called Wire and Gas. This is from the story 'Good Boy' and is drawn by the very talented Anthony O' Neill. We will have more pages to show at the 2D Festival in Derry at the start of June. So if anyone is heading up to that they can stop by the Coimici Gael table and see the pages for themselves.

I'm also currently working away on a pitch with a very cool comic creator called Alfred Paige.
Alfred's latest comic is called PinPoint and is available to buy here. The story we are working on is called Daisy Chain and I am at the minute writing the last issue. It's early days for that project but we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Judge Dredd story for Zarjaz. Art by Owen Watts.

A while back I mentioned that I was working on a Judge Dredd story for Zarjaz, I do have some more news about that story. The very talented Mr Owen Watts will be working on the art for that story and he has started to work on his look for Judge Anderson. His art work and his take on Judge Anderson was recently featured on the Forbidden Planet website. The link for that is here if anyone wants to check that out. Really looking forward to seeing the story later on in the year.
Also here is the Zarjaz blog too.

Wire and Gas Anthology.

I know I said I wouldn't put up anymore pages from our World War One Anthology up but screw it. Here is the pencils for the story Bait drawn by Mike Ball. These pages look great. We've got three very different styles in this comic and I think they complement each other very well. Not too sure if we will have the comic ready for the 2D Festival we might just have some preview pages at our table for people to take a look at instead. We are planning a launch for the comic in June in Ennis instead.