Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Land Sketches

Two posts in a week that must be new record for me. I just thought I'd put up some of these sketches I received during the week for a pitch I'm putting together with the very talented Dwayne Moloney for a comic called Home Land.

It is the story of a human colony that gets hit by a natural disaster and is forced to fend for itself. These are just some very early sketches but I think they look excellent so I thought I'd put em up here to see what people thought of them. We don't have a publisher for this one yet that's gonna be the next thing we have to get working on.

This is the first sketch for Home Land itself and one of the creatures that inhabit this now hostile world. Also the armor for the militia.

Here is the design for one of the characters called SHEP and a sketch for one of the vehicles that the colonists use.

Also here is a link for Dwayne's deviant art page for you to check out.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good. I like the motion of the one running in the top right. Before i read that they where vechiles i thought they were designs for sheps feet- "roller feet". ha