Friday, February 18, 2011

Eagle Awards and Zarjaz


It has been a while but I have been busy. It is that time of year again the Eagle Awards are upon us again. Last year was fantastic for Ri Ra it managed to get two nominations and we want to try and go for it again. We want to get Ri Ra nominated for Favourite New Comic Book and Favourite European Comic Book. If any one wants to help us get there again that would be excellent. The link for that is here.

I do have some more news. I am working on a Judge Dredd story for that excellent comic Zarjaz. I grew up reading Dredd so it's pretty cool to get the chance to create a story for him. That won't be out for a while yet but once I know more I'll post something up here. The link for the Zarjaz blog is here if anyone wants to check that out.


  1. Thanks for the plug Mike, and good luck with Ri Ra again this year!