Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behold, BlackStar

It's been a good week. I started off being off work and getting another issue of a comic I plan to work on with Mark A Saxton called Homeland finished and then getting a phone call from My good friend John and the artist behind our strip that we have been asked to do an interview for Nationwide. We had the interview on Tuesday and I think it went pretty well. I'll put up the exact date when it's on when I find out.
Spent most of Wednesday evening working on Character designs for a graphic novel that I'm working on with the very talented Robert Elrod which we plan to pitch to a few publishers.
Lastly in the wee hours of this morning I received an email from John with a picture attached. The first color picture of our character Black Star which will appear in the Nationwide episode I am told. So that sum's it up and it's not even Friday yet. Like I said I'll put up the time and hopefully a link to the R T E Player once the show is aired but until then here is that picture of Black Star enjoy.

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